Visit Information

Bring with to the policlinic

With a visit to the policlinic, you always bring along the following:

  • A valid proof of identification (drivers license, passport, ID card).
  • Reference letter from your general practice doctor.
  • An actual overview of the medicines you use, wether or not via the pharmacy requested.
  • Your recent insurance information (card or policy sheet of your insurance).
  • The necessary understanding and patience.

Conversation with the medical specialist

The medical specialist will give you information about your illness or condition, the proposed examination, the treatment or procedure, the medication and any side effects. Together with your doctor, you decide on the examination and / or treatment you are undergoing. It is therefore necessary that you have the right information and that you understand it too.You can always ask for further explanation.

Tips for preparing your conversation

Before the conversation

  • Make sure you know in advance what you want to tell. It is enlightening for your attending physician if you clearly state what you are coming for.
  • Think in advance about what you want to know and write down your questions to make sure you do not forget anything.
  • Take a family member or good acquaintance with you, who can help and can listen with you. Two hear more than one.

During the conversation

  • Ask for an explanation when something is not clear, for example medical terms.
  • Ask your questions at a convenient time, not just before you have to leave.
  • Ask if there is an information brochure or website about your illness, research and / or treatment. You can also ask if there is a patient organization for people with the same disease or condition.
  • At the end of the conversation, list the most important points. For example: "Is it true that you said that...?" This way you can check whether you have understood everything correctly.

Appointment reminder

When you have an appointment at the clinic, you do not want to forget that. It is therefore now possible to receive a reminder message by SMS and / or e-mail several working days before the appointment.